Monday, August 30, 2010

my place and yours

my place and yours - our place

This weeks theme is: why do you live where you do?  What a great idea!  I'm looking forward to reading everyones stories over at helloowl You should come and play along too!

We currently rent a 3 bedroom townhouse in Melbourne where we have been living there for almost a year.  We live here because of my husbands work.  He was offered a promotion and we decided to make the big move (for the 2nd time!) from Brisbane down to Melbourne.  It was a tough choice, but we decided we would make the most out of this opportunity.  We do love Melbourne and it's coffee and shopping and AFL and excellent public transport!

Having said that, Brisbane has very much become our spiritual home.  We lived there for about 4 years and have the most amazingly wonderful friends there.  We also have a lovely little house with a big backyard and a vegetable garden that I miss very much!  I also miss the weather.  I miss the consistency of the weather mostly.  I got used to not having to think about what I was going to wear, or whether I needed to take an umbrella or jacket out.

Anyway, we will definitely end up back in Brisbane someone soon.  Our little house is being rented out and we will get to see it again!  For the time being, we'll soak up all the Melbourne we can.  


  1. I love that you're willing to mix things up a bit - there's nothing better than switching things around and enjoying life! I love Melbourne too - ahh I would so love to move there, and there's so much that appeals to me about Brisbane. Such a pretty and underrated city.

    Have a terrific holiday - and thank you for voting for me - that made me a bit teary! x

  2. Weve done the jump a few times. NT to Sydney, Sydney to Perth, Perth to Brisbane and many's what makes like exciting.

    I hope you make it back to brisbane one day. I may just meet you there.


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