Wednesday, March 30, 2011

let the laughs begin

By Wardie44B

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival has officially begun and I am ex-cited!

I kicked off the festival by attending the gala on Monday night (much laughs from the 4th row - I think my face will make it to the tele!) with my sister.  We had a great time hanging out in St Kilda and laughing laughing laughing all night.  I am attending a crazy 12 shows altogether this year.  Yes, 12!  We like a good laugh around these parts.

I'm sure I'll have some time for crafting soon :/

Friday, March 25, 2011

happy weekend


It seems that Summer is well and truly over here in Melbourne and the colder weather is starting to creep up on us.  It's almost time for soup, crocheting, snuggling under blankets, wearing too many layers of clothing, gloves, scarves and beanies.  What ever happened to Summer?!

This weekend I am looking forward to the start of the football season (and a Swans game at the MCG!), Finders Keepers market and sleeping in.  Oh, and maybe a bit of snuggling with the kitties if the weather continues to be grey and cool like this.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend, wherever you are in the world!  Don't forget Earth Hour on Saturday night!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

my creative space quilting again!

quilt top

I have finished the quilt top for my sisters's quilt.  Now on to the fun task of basting and quilting and binding. I'm really hoping I can get it done before her birthday!

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

quest for the best japanese - week 5 (Brisbane edition)

Last week we were lucky enough to be in Brisbane on our usual Japanese Monday.  By chance we had lunch at a Japanese restaurant at Eagle St Pier and think it definitely deserves a mention here!

Sake restaurant
Level 1, 45 Eagle St
Eagle Street Pier
Brisbane QLD

Sake is a contemporary Japanese restaurant which usually leaves me a little wary.  But this place is pretty great.  The decor is stylish and modern - particularly the 'caged' tables that run through the middle of the place.  It was lunch time on a Monday so it was very quiet inside, but the service was good.

Tonkatsu cups

Now, the main thing is that the food was excellent!  The highlight for me were the Tonkatsu cups and the Kingfish jalapeño sashimi.   They have a good selection of small dishes to share, as well as a nice selection of mains.

Kingfish jalapeño sashimi

All in all, it was an excellent lunch with excellent food and excellent people.  I highly recommend it!

Rating = 9 out of 10

Monday, March 21, 2011

I now return you to regular programming

I am back!

My laptop decided I didn't need to see what I was doing anymore and so has been in getting a new LCD screen.  But she is back and fully functioning again, and thus so am I!

I hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing weekend.  I had a lovely weekend of shopping at the markets, going out for breakfast and getting organised.  I also managed to spend a couple of hours soaking up the sun and unusually glorious weather (30 degrees and beautiful blue skies!) in my new hammock.  It was an anniversary present from my wonderful husband and is a double hammock which means we both fit in quite nicely. Yay and awww!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

my creative space

...has got me feeling like a bit of a superhero this week!

my creative space - march 10

I wish!  The truth is I spent a lot of the weekend working away on a Superhero costume for my sister's upcoming birthday party in May.  It seems like a while away but we have a very busy couple of months planned and I didn't want to have to rush and end up without a costume (and thus the wrath of my sister).  So...what I have is enough to pull-off a decent kind of costume and for that I am quite relieved.

I have also committed to making her a quilt so I need to really get cracking on that too.  Will someone please add some more hours to the day?

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Monday, March 7, 2011

i still do

Today my husband and I celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary.  Aw, how lovely is that?  We are celebrating by heading to Flower Drum for dinner (for the first time!) and then I think we are staying overnight in the city somewhere.  I have been told only to pack an overnight bag.  How lovely and romantic is my husband?  I'm feeling pretty luck today (as I do everyday) and feeling rather happy and chirpy for a Monday.

wedding - for anniversary 070311

Happy anniversary Todd!  I love you truckloads!

Friday, March 4, 2011

my creative space

...has been stolen moments of crochet whilst thinking about all of the other things I need to be doing.  What a crazy week!

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

quest for the best japanese - week 4

Meiji Japanese Cafe
105 Little Bourke St

After last week's effort I was really hoping for some decent Japanese food this week, and by George we got it!  This place is fabulous!  If you live in Melbourne I urge you to go there right now!  Go on!  This was such a good find and we will most certainly be heading back here soon - with some friends.

The cafe is quite small but has an upstairs area as well (which was empty, being Monday and all but I imagine would fill up on the weekends).  What it lacked in size provided most of the atmosphere in that I almost felt like I was in Japan!  It had a real authentic feel to it, which I just loved.

But...getting onto the important part - FOOD.  The food was YUM! And like most Japanese cafe's, more than affordable.  We had a sizzling plate of Wagyu Steak, Japanese style Fried Rice, stir-fried vegetables and some beef skewers (whose name escapes me but were fantastic!  You can see one of them next to our fried rice in the pic below)

I should've taken more photos of this place (and our food) but I was too engrossed in eating!  There was sadly no Okonomiyaki on the menu, but there was plenty of other things to choose from.  I loved the big menu with pictures which made ordering easy - or difficult, because everything looked so good.

Anyway, this is definitely the best so far in our quest.  We will definitely be going back!

Rating = 8 out of 10
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