Friday, August 6, 2010

lost in translation

I thought I would create a bit of an ode to things that get lost in translation today.  It is Friday after all!

Fittingly I will be aided by some photographs from our trip to Japan in March.  I loved Japan so much.  It's beautiful and crazy and cute and amazing.  The frequent errors in translation only made the place so much more endearing.

This is my absolute favourite and it was a gigantic billboard in Osaka.  It makes me smile everytime...

pachinko sign

You can read about Pachinko here but all I can tell you is that it is WEIRD.  The parlors have to the weirdest and loudest kinda place you could go.  I'm sure the game itself makes sense to Japanese people, but we just couldn't figure it out.  Even after instruction!  

Here's a couple of menus we came across.  Both of these were found at 'international' hotel chains as well...

Awesome hotel menu

Grass of wine anyone?

And finally, this one that was spotted in a department store.  It's not so much a mistranslation as an interesting choice of words.  Wrong on so many levels!

I almost bought some of these jeans...

If you have any photos or stories about errors in translation, please share.  For some reason I find it incredibly amusing!

Happy weekend to you all.

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