Friday, October 29, 2010

here comes the sun

A vegetable patch and garden at a winery in Chianti we visited

It is GLORIOUSLY sunny in Melbourne today and it is making me feel very happy (even though I am stuck indoors and cannot fully enjoy it).  I love the sun.  I have missed the sun!  It is the promise of Summer to come.  It makes me think about the beach, the smell of sunscreen, naked legs, fresh salads, iced tea and Christmas!  Yes, Christmas is coming!  It makes me happy to know that soon enough I will be relaxing with my family and swimming and exchanging presents and singing carols.  Doesn't that make you happy too?

I'm just going to pretend that this glorious Melbourne weather is going to continue all weekend long (and not turn to torrential rain and cold temperatures as has been forecast).  The weatherman can be wrong, right?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

my creative space back!

After a 3 week break I am back to crafting - hooray!  I've only been back for 2 days and I have made some good progress on my quilt.  I've *almost* finished the quilting, leaving only the delightful (read: painful) binding to go.  Christmas is creeping up on us!  Double hooray!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I'm back!


After 3 glorious weeks in Italy and London, we are back home again.  There is much to tell and many photos to share (and washing to do).  For now, here's a photo of one of my favourite moments from our trip - on a gondola in Venice.  Cliche?  Yes!  Touristy and ridiculously over-priced?  Most definitely!  But it was simply wonderful and I'm so glad we did it.  Something to remember for many years to come.

Hope everyone is doing wonderfully well.  I have 3 weeks worth of Google Reading to do!

Monday, October 4, 2010

i am on holidays

Ciao Bella
By Quasimondo

I am currently holidaying in Italy and London.  
I will return to dazzle you with travel stories and photos sometime after October 26.  Please stop by then.

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