Wednesday, August 4, 2010

is it really lazy?

Grocery shopping
By firstindy via Flickr

It this whole online world making us lazy or more efficient?  I'm not sure...

I am the biggest ever fan of online shopping and am now taking it to a whole new level in doing my grocery shopping online too (everything except fruit/veg and meat).  Now I have no good reason for choosing to do this.  I'm not a working mother or lacking transport or working insane hours.  I just detest doing the whole trolley pushing thing.  I get cranky.  I can't push the stupid trolley.  People get in my way.  It takes too much time.  Is that a good enough reason to buy groceries online?

I just keep thinking about how the way we do things changes so much over time.  Not so many years ago there was no such thing as online shopping.  Heck, there was no online!  No Facebook.  No Google.  No blogs.  Now there is this whole new world with a million different ways to do a million different things.  Sometimes (like when I'm ordering my groceries) I really love the immediacy and convenience that the internet offers.  I love being able to buy things online from other countries and having them delivered to my door.  

Sometimes it makes me feel lazy.  It makes me feel a little bit sad that we can be so self-sufficient.  So cut off from each other in a physical sense.  I sometimes crave the need to touch and feel things before I buy them.  I want to have a chat about products before I buy them.  Ask questions.  Make small talk.

I guess it's about finding a balance isn't it? groceries will be here soon, and I will be collecting them in my pyjamas.  You gotta love that!

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