Monday, August 23, 2010

sakura season


This weekend I noticed something new about Melbourne - cherry blossoms!  Lovely beautiful Sakura have been surprising me on every other corner.  This is only our 2nd ever almost-Spring in Melbourne, and you certainly don't find cherry blossoms in Queensland!   I don't know if I would have really paid much attention to the cherry blossoms here if it weren't for our trip to Japan in March - in which we caught the very beginning of cherry blossom season.  Over there they go absolutely crazy for cherry blossoms!  You can get Sakura perfume and body wash, eat Sakura jelly, drink Sakura Steamers from Starbucks...the list goes on!  Of course we went crazy for it too! I have more photos than I care to count of the tiny flowers from our two week trip (case in point above).  But they are just so beautiful aren't they?  And they smell amazing too!

I'm really loving seeing these flowering trees around Melbourne.  They make me remember our wonderful trip to Japan, and also give me hope that perhaps Winter is nearing its end.

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  1. I also noticed them this morning whilst walking home from kinder with the kids. I too experienced Japan in Sakura madness some years ago. Seeing them reminds me of the Japanese peoples obession with them.


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