Monday, August 9, 2010

cats and lamingtons

This weekend we bought some new toys for the kitties, and then got to spend plenty of time watching them play.  The new toys entertained them for a little while until they lost one underneath the TV cabinet.  Todd rescued it, along with an old toy that had been lost under there for a while.  So, who cares about new toys now?  Apparently not our cats!  They are far too enthralled by the old toy they had forgotten.  Cats, eh?  Anyway, there's something so mesmerizing about watching cats play.  They're so energetic and crazy and uncoordinated.  It makes me smile.

Also this weekend I shared this giant lamington with my husband.  This picture doesn't quite do it justice, but rest assured it was GIANT.  If you want one too (and I think you do!), go to Cooper and Milla's.

giant lamington

Now, apparently it's Monday again.  Why does it seem like there are more Mondays than any other days?

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