Thursday, July 22, 2010

my creative space

my place and yours

My creative space this week has been a bit BLAH because I've been a bit BLAH.  So my apologies for not dazzling you with my creative brilliance.

I haven't been doing too much in the way of crafting at all.  I'm slowly working on another crochet washcloth.  Actually I was telling my 76 year old aunt about doing this and she was very intrigued.  She's going to make a few herself to sell at various school and church fetes she's forever making things for.  No doubt they will be about 4 billion times better than mine!  She's been crocheting and knitting for longer than I've been alive so it was nice to be able to offer her an idea for a change!  I wish we lived closer to her because I know she could teach me so many things.

My quilt-a-long  is more like a quilt-a-stop at the moment.  I haven't even touched it this week and I have heaps of cutting out to do.

I'm making another Shearwater Kaftan out of a gorgeous vintage sheet I purchased on ebay.  Photos to come when I've progressed a bit further with that (can you tell I'm counting down till my September trip to the Sunshine Coast?).

I guess that's not too bad, is it?

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  1. I don't think you've done too badly for someone who's feeling a bit blah!

  2. hope you are feeling better and that you get to be creative next week

  3. Everyone's allowed a blah week. How did you do the jigsaw thing to your picture?

  4. The jigsaw thing was done in Picnik. It's in the paid version, but well worth the money! :)


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