Tuesday, July 6, 2010

travel planning

Travel planning
By laura e via Flickr

When I travel:

  • I buy the Lonely Planet guide to wherever I am visiting months before I travel.  
  • I read the entire thing - making notes using colour coded post it notes.  
  • I buy a travel journal and write down all of the things I want to do.  
  • I record all of the useful websites I find.  
  • I make an itineray.  I send copies of the itinerary to family (just in case).  
  • I register on Smart Traveller.  
  • I make copies of my passport.  
  • I learn at least the basics of the language of wherever I am visiting.
  • I talk to people who have been where I am going and get their recommendations.
  • I scour the internet to make sure I won't miss out on anything that is "must-see".
  • I record everything I do while traveling in aforementioned travel journal and paste in ticket stubs, lolly wrappers and anything of note.
I have been called crazy because of this.  I have been called anal, obsessive, nuts, mad.  People always remind me that things don't always go to plan.   But I don't totally lose it when that happens. I understand the nature of travelling and the need to be flexible.

So today I would just like to say that I am totally happy with my level of travel organisation.  Call it what you will!  Today (whilst I am helping my sister not freak out get ready for her first ever overseas trip) I am truly thankful that I am an organised kinda gal.  

It has always served me well.  


  1. It sounds fantastic, you get to thoroughly enjoy your trip in the planning stage, enjoy the trip to the fullest because you know you haven't missed anything, and then you can relive every moment through your travel journal.

  2. You do sound very organised! I would love to go to Europe, especially Italy. My sister LOVED Venice! Wendy xx

  3. Haha I'm so like you. I hate hate hate wrestling with maps in a foreign country (I like to pretend I'm a local, not a tourist, ha) so I try to study the map of whatever city I'm going to so I know where I'm going before I get there!


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