Friday, July 23, 2010


vintage photobooth 2

The weekend is here!

I'm pulling out the pasta maker tonight and whipping up something (hopefully) delightful.
Then I will be drinking wine.
I will be sewing.

Tomorrow, I will be going to Yoga class.
I will be shopping and cooking.
I will be drinking some more wine.

On Sunday I will be sleeping in.
I will be watching AFL.
I will be sewing.

I will be thoroughly enjoying every second of my two days of freedom, much like in these vintage photobooth shots.  Maybe sans top hat and feather boa.  

How about you?  What exciting things will fill your weekend?


  1. I'm completely amazed at how much Jasper looks like Raymond... I didn't know you had a siamese! He's lovely, love the photo of him in the box!

  2. I know, they do look similar don't they? Only Jasper is actually a Tonkinese. Strange! They are both very cute though :D


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