Tuesday, July 20, 2010

all on my lonesome

My hubby is away for work for a couple of days and I am all on my lonesome.  I don't much like being on my lonesome.  I mean, I do enjoy having complete control of the remote control, and noisily sewing away whilst watching Gilmore Girls (sans groans)...I just don't like sleeping in a big bed by myself in an empty house - because I am a big scaredy-cat.  Day time alone = excellent.  Night time along = scarediness.  It's crazy!  I am very good at giving myself lectures and reminding myself of how silly it is - just not so good at not being a scaredy cat!  Oh well...

Speaking of cats, cute little Jasper has been keeping me company in this kinda fashion.  I know he is only using me for my warmth, but I don't mind :)



  1. Cute cat! Just be sure all the doors are locked, a phone is by the bed and you have a big heavy torch - then you'll be fine! Also, heat up a wheat pillow, cuddle a bed pillow, and you'll feel all warm and toasty! He'll be back before you know it! Wendy xx

  2. Thanks Wendy :) I pretty much did exactly that and he'll be home this afternoon - yay!

  3. It's kinda nice to have some independence to do your own thing but I also don't like being alone, especially at night! I guess I'm a scardey cat too! :)

    ♥ Teresa ♥


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