Tuesday, July 13, 2010

winter days

Sometimes you just have to stop and photograph the flowers.  Or something to that effect.

I am really struggling with this whole Winter thing at the moment.  Having lived in Queensland for a number of years I didn't have to worry about the whole cold thing.  Winter in Queensland means jeans and a jacket.  No scarves.  No gloves.  No multiple layers of clothing.  And certainly no hot water bottles and ducted heating!  Winter in Queensland is pretty much the perfect temperature.  No humidity, just loveliness.  Ahh, I miss it!

Melbourne Winter is brutal!  And seemingly never-ending.  I am tired of wearing big jackets and gloves.  Stockings and tights are fun for a little while and then they become increasingly annoying.  I'm tired of hitching them up all day long.

I am absolutely dreaming about warmer weather right now.  Where I can wear skirts (without tights) and thongs and dresses.  And go outside without suffering.  When I actually want to go outside.

Ok.  I'll stop complaining now.  

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