Thursday, July 29, 2010

my creative space

Brooklyn/ ADHD/Cube<3/Shinobi Ninja
By elizaIO via Flickr

I came very close to not posting anything about my creative space this week.  But...I am being a good girl and sticking to this fantastic weekly ritual.

This week I haven't been doing much creatively at all.  Aren't you glad I posted that? :)

Actually, I have creative ADHD at the moment (it's a real thing - honest).  I've done a bit of crocheting.  A bit of sewing.  A bit of crocheting again.  A tiny bit of sewing.  A bit of thinking about sewing.  A bit of material purchasing.  A bit of crocheting something else.  A bit of thinking about how I should be cutting out fabric for my quilt...

So, there you have it.

I have nothing particularly inspiring to show you all, but I will have soon.  Promise!

Now, I'm headed over to kootoyoo to be inspired by some real creative spaces

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