Monday, November 1, 2010

not quite Venice


How was your weekend?  What did you get up to?  Did you enjoy a gondola ride through the canals of Venice?  No, I didn't either.  I did have the pleasure of doing so just a couple of weeks ago though and it was totally amazing.  I know that the cheese-factor is incredibly high on this but I can't even describe to you how wonderful it was.  It was peaceful and relaxing and the most amazing way to see one of the most beautiful cities in the world.  I highly recommend it!

Oh, and at night the gondola men even serenade their lucky guests.  We could hear their amazing voices (and guitar and accordion) from our hotel room!  It was truly magical!

So in light of that, our weekend was pretty boring!  But it was magical in it's own kind of way.  There's nothing better than relaxing at home after travelling for weeks.  I got to do some sewing and watch some tv and sleep in and go to yoga and go out for breakfast.  There's some of my favourite things right there!

We did attend the inaugural Men of Letters event in Thornbury, and that was pretty inspiring.  We saw the likes of Paul Kelly (oh, I love him so much!), John Safran, Tim Rogers, Bob Ellis, Alan Brough and Matt Preston read out letters "to the woman that changed my life".  Then we got to write and post our own letters on these super cute aerogrammes in the break.  It was a lovely way to spend an afternoon.  If you're in Melbourne, keep an eye out for upcoming Women of Letters.

Hope your weekend was ab fab!

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