Wednesday, November 10, 2010

christmas wishlist

Dear Santa Claus

Picture by rkeohane

I've got so many things going on at the moment that I feel a bit like a scatterbrain.  Do you know the feeling?  I have committed myself to sewing quite a few Christmas presents, plus I really want to attempt to make myself a skirt...and that's just the crafty stuff!

Did you know that there's only just over 6 weeks until Christmas (and, more importantly, my birthday!)?  And did you know that this year my present wishlist is actually a list?  Normally I'm saying, "I don't need anything" and "there's nothing in particular that I want" but this year my wishlist is CRAZY long.  I'm not sure why.  Perhaps I am reverting to childhood.  Perhaps I am just greedy.  I'm considering actually writing a list and giving it to my husband for discreet passing on.  Is that wrong?  Will that make me look totally greedy and controlling?  It's just that I don't want things that I don't need, you know?  I don't need more Myer vouchers or random books to fill my already full house.

I wish I was a kid again so I could spend days putting together a lovely visual Christmas wish list (with the aid of advertising material from toy shops and glitter glue, of course).  Then I could stick in right in the middle of the fridge so that Santa could find it.  He never seemed to mind.  He used to find that list mighty helpful!

So, what's on your Christmas wishlist?

P.S  The Christmas wishlist above is not actually mine.  Just a cute one I found on flickr

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