Thursday, November 4, 2010

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Binding Ready!
By oversewn

I am finally up to the binding stage on my quilt - hooray!  Let the hand-stitching begin!

Once the quilting was done I noticed how incredibly unstraight some of my lines are.  I was tempted to unpick it and redo it but then realised that the lines are actually quite straight - it's the squares on the quilt-top that are not straight.  I used them as my guide and thus ended up with some wonky looking quilting.  I have decided to leave it be instead of ripping up ALL of the quilting lines and starting again.  It is handmade so surely they've gotta be some little idiosyncrices?  Or am I am being totally lazy?  I'm not sure.  When I handover the quilt I will say that it is handmade and I am still learning and it still serves it's purpose even though it is far from being totally perfect and just don't look at it too closely.

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  1. Embrace the Wonk I say! Love the binding...

  2. Not perfect, wonky lines and idiosyncricies = Quirky, original and made with personality. Much better than perfect :)
    Love the colours in that fabric roll.

  3. I could never unpick due to unstraight lines. It would drive me nuts. It's part of handmade - otherwise you may as well be a machine, right?! x

  4. no way - i do not subscribe to 'do it all again'... ever.

  5. oh - and I meant to say - i am loving those colours you have got going on there. Got carried away with the idea of doing it all again... AGAIN - no WAY~!

  6. I'm sure it will look unique and lovely!

  7. Im totally for the wonky line. My work is full of them! Its a special touch of love :) Looking forward to seeing the finished piece.


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