Monday, November 15, 2010

2 days is hardly enough

I can't believe that the weekend is over already!  How fast those 2 glorious days go by!

This weekend I did a some Christmas shopping and am very happy to say (and gloat, if I may) that I have pretty much finished it all.  How fantastic is that?  Now I can happily avoid all shopping facilities until the post-Christmas sales.

I also did a bunch of sewing, but am still a fair way off finishing my Christmas presents.  I started sewing  attempting to sew a skirt for myself too.  I had a massive sewing FAIL (too embarrassing to share here) so wasted a couple of valuable sewing hours correcting that (i.e. starting again).  I'm really happy with how it is turning out now - pleats and all.  Fingers crossed it keeps going that way!

Jasper decided to 'help me' cut out my fabric of course.  If he wasn't so darn cute he would be annoying!

Happy Monday folks.  Or happy thoughts at least!

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