Thursday, November 25, 2010

my creative space

My creative space this week is all about trying not to over-extend myself.

After the elation that came from finally completing a skirt that fits me, all I want to do is make another skirt.  Or shirt.  Or dress.  Or pants.  But...I am still plodding along with the Christmas presents and I MUST finish them first.  Right?  Right?!

Yes I must.  I will be sensible and not start anything new until they are done.  Or almost done at the very least.  Now I just need to try and stay away from Spotlight!

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  1. Hi Jodie, I am probably about a million or two years older than you! but...have found that i love sewing better by immersing myself in one project at a time, finishing it...that feels good, then enjoying the journey of anticipating, planning, choosing fabric, sewing and then revelling {showing off!!!} what i have made. It just makes the journey sweeter...for me. This may not be your way...see what fits you. Have a wonderful creative journey, with many finishes!

  2. Well it is so nice to finally find someone who has the same struggle as me! I find it so hard to stay to the end as I get excited about another drawing, piece of fabric or design. I am finding though that when I get to the binding or finishing touches I get really, really excited. I just have to stay away from the quilting shop.

  3. lol yes me too (staying away form spotlight!)

  4. Hi Jodie, thanks for popping by...hahaha i can see why you commented on paper cranes...maybe you can show us all how to make them. I'll let you in on a secret..i asked my daughter to make paper cranes and she said she was too busy, so i had to make something simpler and this was what i found! so much for clever.


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