Tuesday, November 23, 2010

i can make stuff!

Check it out!  It's my completely completed skirt that almost didn't make it (Butterick B5285).  Hooray!  I am beyond excited!

You can't tell in these pictures but it has a zip and everything.  It is most certainly a personal sewing triumph.  My very first completed skirt.  Finally!

my skirt

I would, however, like to complain about the sizing chart on this pattern.  I made the size it suggested based on my measurements and it was way too big!  Not just a little bit big, but frickin' huge!  I should've made at least 2 sizes smaller.  So what's with that?  Who makes these sizing charts anyway?!

P.S  My skirt, whilst fantastic, is not really appropriate for wearing on windy Melbourne days.  Apologies to anyone driving on Ferrars St today who caught a nice flash of my undies.  Oops!


  1. Cute skirt!

    I always have that. Problem with the sizing of simplicity patterns too. My measurements put me as a 16/18 but I make a 12 and usually still have to take it in.

    I also had the same problem as you with my skirt the other day, except I flashed everyone on Johnson st. Damn Melbourne wind!

  2. lol! undies :-) The skirt looks nice! Love the fabric :-)


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