Wednesday, December 1, 2010

let's all be merry and bright

I have one of those weeks that doesn't need to be spoken about.  Ever.  Again.

So...let's talk about happy things, shall we?

After a week long wait I finally received my TOMS order and am so so happy with them.  Check out my black sparkles which have already become one of my favourite pairs of shoes:


Aren't they lovely?  They are comfy too!  If you haven't heard about TOMS and the amazing work they do, I strongly urge you to visit their website and check out their awesome range of shoes.  Their one for one philosophy surely makes for guilt-free shoe purchasing! I think a voucher would make a lovely Christmas present too, don't you think?

Tonight I am going to wave goodbye to this crappy week by putting up our Christmas tree and decorations. A little bit of Christmas spirit has to be good for the soul!

1 comment:

  1. How cute are these! I've never seen them before.
    I hope that you put on some super daggy Christmas songs and forgot about your crap week.


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