Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tomorrow, When the War Began

I am so insanely excited about this movie (despite the fact that the acting in the trailer looks dreadful!).  I've started reading the book again in anticipation.

This book (and series of books) dominated my whole high school experience.  I read Tomorrow, When the War Began in Grade 7.  I remember eagerly waiting for each book after that to come out - and then trying to savour it but just devouring it in days.  I remember wondering what would happen to the characters next.  I remember everyone talking about the sex scene in the second book of the series, and how we felt so grown up reading it.  I remember talking to my friends about it.  I remember wishing I was Ellie, and then being thankful that I wasn't.

The amazing thing about these books (and about John Marsden books in general) is that they don't talk down to the teens they were created for.  They assume you are an intelligent and mature reader and are capable of such massive themes as war and sex and friendship and love.  It was really refreshing at the time.  I'm still very grateful for that.

Now I know that movies based on novels very rarely compare.  But there's something a little bit magical about seeing books bought to life.  Especially these books that I grew up with and cherished so much.  I'm also hoping that this will bring a whole new generation of readers to these masterful books.  To John Marsden!  *fingers crossed*  I'm also very excited about having an excuse to read them all again as an adult.

I was lucky enough to meet the amazing John Marsden a few years back and was an absolute blithering idiot. I was totally starstruck.  Over awed.  He was very friendly (while presumably thinking I was a complete loony!) and signed a copy of Hamlet for me (which is also brilliant - he rewrote Hamlet in modern language for young people - brilliant!).  He is definitely one of my most favourite authors ever and I hope this movie brings him many more adoring fans.


  1. I have never read a John marsden book but I remember he came to our school and gave a talk about crative writing, and there was a workshsop for those who wanted to attend, I went along and it was fantastic, I will have to read this before I go see the movie. And I thought Rachel from neighbours didn't do too bad a job.....

  2. You should definitely read these books! I think Rachel (or whatever her actual name is, hehe) will do a fine job - I just think the trailer doesn't do any of them much justice. I'm super excited about this movie though :D

  3. You have made me so excited with this news! I too read these books as a teenager and loved them!! The type of book that's hard to put down. I've always thought that these books would be awesome as a movie so I'm glad someone else had that vision too!! Yay! :)


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