Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I tried...

I've been trying to do some sewing this afternoon but have given up in frustration.  The reason for this frustration is pictured above.  It seems that the cutting out part of sewing is virtually impossible when you have cats.  Alex thought it would be amusing to run across the room and go skidding through my nicely laid out fabric.  Multiple times.  I didn't find it very amusing.  Certainly not after the third attempt at laying out the fabric.

So being the lovely cat owner that I am, I thought I could distract them by laying out my quilt for them to have a snooze on.  They love snoozing on the quilt.  And under the quilt.  So here they are snoozing away.  Now I can't be bothered cutting on the fabric any more.

C'est la vie!    

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