Monday, June 7, 2010

Make It, Sew It! Challenge

I am taking part in the Sew Mama Sew, Make It, Wear It! Challenge and here is what I am going to be making.  It is a Make It Perfect Shearwater Kaftan (how lovely!).

Yes, I know it is Winter and that is very clearly not a Winter appropriate garment!  But...there are a few reasons why I am choosing to sew this now:
  1. It has no zips or tricky bits so I may actually be able to finish it without chucking a tanty
  2. We're celebrating my Dad's birthday on the Sunshine Coast in September and this would be appropriate beach attire for then
  3. I'd like to make one for my sister whose birthday is in November (and who lives on a lovely beachy island) and I need to do a trial run
  4. I have this pretty fabric at home which I think is just perfect for this pattern
So I have set myself this challenge:  I will complete this in June and it will fit me.

Or else I will cry.

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