Thursday, June 24, 2010

my creative space

...has been pretty quiet this week.

But I did finish another crochet facecloth - this time with a shell edging.  I like it better than my first one, so that's something.  I think they'll make nice presents too.  They are wonderfully soft and nice and light.

I will be starting work on The Versatile Wrap skirt just as soon as I can be bothered drawing up the pattern and cutting out the fabric.  I really hate cutting out fabric.  I will be using these beautiful fabrics for this one.

Check out Kootoyoo for some more creative spaces!


  1. its ages until summer for us southerners!!! Take your sweet time and enjoy the process!!! those cotton washcloths look great... I really want to make some for christams presents... you're inspiring me to get started!

  2. A crochet face cloth - what a great idea, I might have to have a go at one, lovely colours too.


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