Tuesday, December 7, 2010

the envelope project

Do you remember the Meet Me at Mike's envelope project?  I had lots of fun putting together an envelope full of cute things and sending them off to Pip, and encouraged my little sisters to join in the fun too.

My little sister Libby (15) was one of the lucky winners (yay for Libby!) who received a big parcel full of those cute and lovely things.  She was so excited about winning.  This last weekend was the first weekend I had been back to my hometown this year so I finally got to check out Libby's stash.  And it is amazing!  I was just totally blown away by how generous people had been with their items, and also how incredibly creative people can be with items small enough to fit inside an envelope!  My sister and I had such fun looking through all of the things together and saying nothing but, "this is so cute" and "look how great this is!" and "oh I love this!" all afternoon.  We had a great idea to make up a bit of inspiration/mood board with the items and this is how it turned out:

We had so much fun doing this!  It looks so great that Libby is going to make another couple of boards to display around her room (yes, there was that much stuff!).  She's also busy making christmas cards and gift tags with some of the items too.

So I just wanted to say a big thank you to Pip for organising such a fun project and also a big thank you to all of the people who contributed such creative, inspiring, thoughtful and generous items.  You guys are awesome!


  1. I love that she is sharing the goodies too,firstly with you and then making tags and the inspiration boards...warms my heart...the gift keeps on giving.

  2. Oh!! I see some of the butterflies I sent!! How cool is the board love it!

  3. @TheClipCafe - Your butterflies are gorgeous too! I'm glad that someone noticed something of theirs on the board. So much good stuff :)


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