Friday, September 10, 2010

finals fever


The AFL finals are here!  How fast the season goes!

Now I'm not generally a big sports fan but I do very much like AFL, and the Sydney Swans in particular.  After a season of ups and downs, my beloved team is taking on the Western Bulldogs in the semi-finals this weekend.

We will be there.  Draped from head to foot in red and white.

I will be the one biting my nails and hiding behind my scarf (and blowing my nose and struggling to hear - but that's because I have a cold, ick!)

My husband will be the one yelling.  A lot.

Do you like AFL too?  Which team do you follow?  If your team hasn't made it to the finals this year, would you mind cheering on the Swans for me?  I would do it for you :)


  1. Not sure if i should post this but I will... what kind of fan would I be if i didnt?? Im a collingwood fan. I hope that doesnt mean you'll never visit my blog again :)

  2. @SewSofie - Mmmm, I might be able to overlook that fault ;)


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