Friday, January 7, 2011

i love holidays

Today I am enjoying my last weekday of holidays before I return to work. SIGH.

I have been thoroughly enjoying my free time.  I have watched movies and gone for long walks.  I have cooked meals out of my new cookbooks and made bread in my new bread maker.  It was been lovely and only wish someone would pay me to do this everyday!

I have also been doing some sewing and crafting.  I was pretty pleased with my skirt making effort until I reached the waistband.  I hate waistbands.  I just don't get the instructions!  At all!  It seems that waistbands are my new nemesis.  Grr!  So my skirt is waistbandless whilst I google and read until I figure out what I am doing again.


At least I have some Cath Kidston tapestry on the go so I can keep my crafting fingers happy in the meantime.  This will (hopefully) be a birthday present for someone really special.


Hope you're enjoying your Friday, wherever you are.

1 comment:

  1. It is always so hard to go back to work! I don't have to now so I am very thankful that my time is my own. I love the tapestry you're's developing so nicely!


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