Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Yoga moments

I am absolutely and totally in love with Yoga at the moment (and hopefully indefinitely).  I started doing a course about 10 weeks ago and haven't looked back.  I used to go to classes years ago but stopped and never seemed to be able to start again.  I went to a class here and there but it just never felt right.  Never fit.  I'd almost given up hope on finding a great yoga class again when I received a flyer in my letterbox about a yoga course starting just minutes from my house.  What luck!  Especially considering I don't normally even read the squillions of advertising material that ends up in our letterbox (straight to the recycling bin for you!).  So I consider myself exceptionally blessed to have found a class and a teacher that feels right for me.  So right in fact that I have started going twice a week.  Tis brilliant.

I also happen to be reading "Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert at the moment which has been a lovely coincidence.  A work college gave it to me to read because she though I would like it.  I must say that I was pretty ignorant about what the book was actually about.  I had seen it around before but had no idea what it was about, and felt obliged to read it purely because it had been loaned to me.  But I am very much enjoying the read and am sorry I hadn't read it sooner.  It's very honest and inspiring.  I do recommend it :)

I am thoroughly enjoying my two little unexpected yoga moments - what are you enjoying right now? 

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