Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Five Faves

I thought I would play along with Pip and share five things I'm loving this week...

1.  Tea - I just can't get enough of it!  As much as I don't like the cold weather, I do love the opportunity to drink copious amounts of tea.  And so I am. 

2.  Yoga - This week marks the end of our ten week sequence so we enjoyed a 'led' practice (i.e. - no instructions!).  We listened to music and just followed along at our own pace.  It was much fun, super relaxing and just what I needed last night after a shitty kinda day.    

3.  My cats - Following the cold theme, my poor little kitties have been feeling it as well.  But, they are uncharacteristically enjoying lots of couch-time snuggles.  This is not only very nice but also helps to keep me warm too!

4.  Lunch time walks - I always try to get out for my half hour lunch break everyday.  Lately I've been enjoying nice long walks through the sunny streets of South Melbourne and just enjoying being outside.  

5.  Pushing Daisies, Season 2 - What can I say?  It's excellent. 

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