Thursday, January 14, 2010

Too much stuff?

 My promise to make 2010 a year of doing things is certainly coming along nicely.  Although now I just need to quit my job so I have time to do everything!

As always my crafting dreams exceed the amount of hours I have in each day.  So far:
  • I'm knitting a very cute monkey (twas a birthday present he was!)
  • promising myself I WILL insert a zip sometime soon (I'm a little scared)
  • I've just signed up for the "Granny a Day" challenge on Pip's blog over here (you should join in too!)
  • I would love to join the Melbourne Burda Sewing Club in their sewalong (i.e. making a whole outfit over a few months)
  • I'm half way through making a birthday present which needs to be finished before Australia Day
  • I have a skirt pattern and fabric all ready to go
However do you find the time?  Really.  I'd love to know!


1 comment:

  1. I wish I knew as I never seem to have any of it either but I always have plenty of things I want to make or bake! Ahhh such is life! I also have 'halfway through' projects on the go! Don't be afraid, embrace the zip, it won't bite!


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