Thursday, July 14, 2011

whilst we're talking about brooches

...and we were, right?

My brooch fascination only started about 12 months ago and I really don't have that many in my collection at this stage.  But I do think they are wonderful and lovely and I must have more! is another of my favourite brooches (I promise my whole brooch collection is not cat related!)

This one is particularly special because of how I came to buy it.  I got it in Kyoto, Japan last year on my wedding anniversary.  My husband and I were wandering through the streets looking at all of the amazing pottery stores (and I was trying very hard not to buy big breakable things to bring home).  We found this little shop where a lady was handmaking and painting these cat brooches and selling them for 300 yen!  That was about $4.50 at the time!  Sheesh!  So I couldn't pass up such a bargain of course and have been proudly wearing it ever since.

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