Thursday, March 10, 2011

my creative space

...has got me feeling like a bit of a superhero this week!

my creative space - march 10

I wish!  The truth is I spent a lot of the weekend working away on a Superhero costume for my sister's upcoming birthday party in May.  It seems like a while away but we have a very busy couple of months planned and I didn't want to have to rush and end up without a costume (and thus the wrath of my sister).  So...what I have is enough to pull-off a decent kind of costume and for that I am quite relieved.

I have also committed to making her a quilt so I need to really get cracking on that too.  Will someone please add some more hours to the day?

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  1. Oh I'm with you Jodie, more hours PLEASE!! I hope you're going to show off the supergal costume... before you go off to fight crime I mean! : )

  2. Haha Alisa - of course! You will need to wait until May when I can bring the whole thing together - you know, with makeup and hair and maybe even a sidekick :)


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