Friday, February 18, 2011

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Sweet Liberty

By Mrs. Jenny Ryan

I am in love with pretty floral fabric right now.  I am trying to make a dress out of some wannabe-Liberty fabric (one day I will be good enough at sewing clothing that I can use ACTUAL Liberty fabric!) and am having some issues.  Yet again with the boobage and some darts that sit somewhere around my belly button.  I need to unpick and try to fix.

I am so loving the floral that I might pick up some new season Liberty fabric anyway and make some pretty non-clothing things.  Like maybe some pretty scarves for my very best friend who is about to take part in Shave for Cure.  I think she is being very brave and is certainly deserving of some prettiness, don't you think?  P.S  You can donate to her cause here if you are feeling nice and generous

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  1. You are clever with your hands so I am sure it won't be long before you are handling real Liberty!(and you've a kind heart as well..I reckon your friend certainly will love a scarf or two) Great fabrics..all the best.


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